Our professional packers can save you a lot of time and stress. They come to your home equipped with all packing materials a day or a few days before your moving day.

When household items are not properly packed, it can result in damage, so hiring our packers is a good choice for your move. Our packers are experienced and take extra care in packing your belongings to ensure a smooth move.

Unpacking charges are half of the value of the packing price. Includes free removal of packing materials.

If you do your own packing, click here for packing tips.

box supplySupplies

We supply packaging boxes in various sizes, before your scheduled moving date. These boxes have a solid bottom and the flaps meet each other. This ensures that your box remains strong even with the heaviest items.

Box Size (W x H x D) Description
2.0 cube box
Used for books, cd’s, canned goods, small tools and more...
4.0 cube box
Used for pots and pans, toys, stereo, small lampshades & more...
5.0 cube box
Used for toys, linen, towels, bulky items and more...
6.0 cube box
Used for light bulky items such as pillows and comforters...
China Barrel
Used for dishes, glasses, stemware, pottery, vases, small pictures – anything glass or fragile
Small picture/mirror box
Used for pictures, mirrors, headboards...
Large picture/mirror
Used for pictures, mirrors, headboards...
Wardrobe box with bar
Used for hanging clothes and permanent storage. It works well for drapes and curtains...
5 lb paper Approx 90 sheets...
10 lb paper approx 180 sheets...
25 lb paper approx 400 sheets...
Packing Tape 66 meter Roll
Mattress Bag Used for packing mattresses

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